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Shilo Riding Club Event Dates for 2020

Sunday, May 24th

Sunday, June 7th

Saturday, June 20th

Saturday, July 4th

Rain Date // Sunday, September 13th

Fun Show & Awards BBQ // Sunday, September 20th


This web site has all the resources you need to become a Shilo Riding Club member. On-line registration is encouraged using the menu above, or click here. If you are not already a member you can print and complete the required Membership Form and Liability Form from the menu on the left side of this page. Brush up on the Shilo Riding Club Rules before a show!

This is a “fun club”. Mostly we compete for ribbons and bragging rights and the odd iTunes gift card. Entry fees for the 2020 season are only $4 per class!

All shows are at the Russell Fairgrounds at 10:00am.

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Registration is available until Thursday night the week of the show. Entries at the show are allowed but will be charged a $10 administration fee. Please get your entries in using the forms on the Show Registration page. On the day of the show, entry cut-off is 9:30, the shows start at 10:00 and we’re usually done by 3:30 or 4:00.

Don’t worry, you can still find a team mate and enter at the show before the start of the Pole Bending class. No admin fee applies to team entries.

6 Replies to “Club Info”

  1. Julia,

    The Shilo Riding Club only has connections to two fairs. Chesterville on July 27th and Russell on September 6th.

    There are fairs almost every weekend in Southern Ontario, but as a club we do not keep a list or participate in them. A quick Google search will answer your question, or try


    1. Hi Sarah,

      We don’t currently don’t have any jackets available. We had one initial order 2 years ago and the re-order costs are not in-line with what people are willing to pay. We are currently working to find a new supplier but don’t expect anything until next season. Sorry.

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