Our Committee

Jacquie Trowell

President / Social Media

Jacquie grew up with horses till she moved back to the city at age 12. After the loss of her mother in 2013, she found her way ‘back to the barn’ and her love of riding. She rescued her mare, discovered Shilo in 2014 and fell in love with the club. Jacquie has been a part of the committee since 2017.

Liz Miller

Vice-President / Advisor / Announcers Booth
Founder of the Liz Miller Sportsmanship award

Liz likes to say she is that grumpy old woman who won’t go away, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Liz is a jack of all trades when it comes to Shilo, has one firecracker personality and if there is anything you want to know – she’s your gal! Liz grew up with horses and when she heard about a club starting up, she knew she wanted to be involved. She joined the committee in 2005 and just loves helping everyone. Liz also sponsors the Sportsmanship Award that is given to one special member every year who embodies the fun, helpfulness and winning attitude of the Shilo Club.

Jacquie Nadeau


Jacquie has been on the board since 2009 and is living a dream as she was a horse crazy kid with no horses growing up—just a bike named Flicka. Now, her horses keep her sane and her fellow committee members ensure that a smile and a giggle are always part of the equation. Jacquie is always off somewhere with her horses be it Shilo, an obstacle clinic or even taking her horse to the beach.

Katherine Proulx

Registration / Web master

Katherine has been ridding since 13 and her passion for horses has since grown—she’s done it all! From show jumping, to dressage, barrel racing and even endurance races, Katherine is a jack of all trades for horsemanship. She coaches young riders on new things and to achieve their goals. She officially switched to barrel racing in 2012 and joined the committee in 2016.

Monique Laurin


Monique, along with her twin Diane (pictured below), joined Shilo after watching her daughter compete for years. She has been hooked since and joined the committee in 2016. Like the rest of the board members, she makes sure everyone who comes has great time— not to mention, we hear she is an exceptional marksman with a bow.

Diane Proulx

Photographer / Super Savvy Shopper

As with Monique, Diane joined Shilo Riding Club after watching her daughter ride competitively. She has also been a part of the committee since 2016. Diane has a keen eye and delivers some amazing photos so it only makes sense that she is our official photographer. She also has a knack for finding some of the amazing items for the clubs end of season awards!

Lucie Giocondese

Savvy Shopper

Lucie, after giving 25 years as a medic in the army, traded in her combat boots for cowboy boots. She now enjoys spending her days tending and enjoying her horses on her property. She joined Shilo with her daughters as a member in 2014 then joined the committee in 2017.