Rain Outs

The following does not apply to fairs that the Shilo Riding Club may be operating. Cancellation in the case of a fair event will be up to the fair board.

If the weather is questionable and you are wondering if we will be running an event as scheduled, here is what you need to know.

If it is raining or has rained a significant amount in the days leading up to a scheduled club event, a decision will be made on whether to run the event as follows;

We will not normally cancel an event just because it is raining. Safety is our concern. We will also not base our decision solely on the weather forecast.

A minimum of 3 Shilo executive members will inspect the Russell Fair Grounds on the morning of the event. They will decide to run or cancel the event based on the condition of the ring and whether it can be worked to a safe condition. Also, the condition of the surrounding grounds will be considered keeping in mind that we cannot damage the grounds with our vehicles and animals as we are guests on the property.

Once a decision is made, it will be posted on Facebook, this web page, and Twitter as well as a mass email to the membership.

It is our intention to post the decision before 8:00am on the day of the show.

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