Membership Form

Please complete the following membership form for the 2020 season.

At the first event you enter in 2020 sign the Liability Form and Membership Form in person at the entry table on show day.

Note  **There will be extra forms at the sign in table but please try to have them ready ahead of time for better efficiency on the morning of show**

All membership fees event fees must be paid and forms signed before 9:30 a.m. on the morning of the event.

To enter events, please register through Club Events NO LATER THAN 9:00 P.M., ON THE THURSDAY BEFORE SHOW DATE! Should you miss the entry cut off time you can still participate! Print and fill out a Club Show Entry Form and sign in before 9:30 a.m. and you can run! There will be a $10 fee for any late entries

If you wish to do a team event, please fill out the Club Show Team Entry Form and have it handed in and fees paid before Keyhole!

Last but not least please refresh your memory of the Shilo Riding Club Rules


2 Replies to “Membership Form”

  1. This will be my first shilo event.
    I have insurance (I ride at Circle J)
    Looking forward to Saturday August 10.

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