Membership Form

Please complete the following Membership Form for the 2021 Show Season.

At the first event you enter in 2021, you need to fill-out the online Liability Form and online Membership Form in order to compete.

Note:  For COVID-19 reasons, we ask that all forms be filled out online in order to keep social distancing and avoid “contamination”.

Last but not least, please refresh your memory of the Shilo Riding Club Rules

Membership Application

  • Up to 2 adults and any dependant children under 18. Additional family members 18 and over will require separate memberships. Please enter included family members below.

  • We need to see your insurance at the first event you attend.

  • I agree to comply with all the rules and regulations of the SHILO RIDING CLUB. In consideration of the acceptance of my membership application, I, the undersigned, hereby release and discharge the SHILO RIDING CLUB, its officers or servants, from any action, claims or demands which I might have for any accident, injury or damage sustained as a result of my participation in the activities of the Club. I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and strictly at my own risk.

2 Replies to “Membership Form”

  1. This will be my first shilo event.
    I have insurance (I ride at Circle J)
    Looking forward to Saturday August 10.

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